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Moscow Mills is not your standard machine shop; from the first time you contact us, until the moment we complete your project you will know that Moscow Mills makes all the difference.


Unlike traditional machine shops, Moscow Mills employs a team of toolmakers who not only perform the machine work required to manufacture your component(s), but also program their own parts. This “every person is a programmer” approach gives Moscow Mills a number of advantages, including: faster response times, identifying and fixing potential manufacturing problems as they happen (instead of continually sending files back and forth between departments), reduction in errors, more familiarity with the part which leads to greater accuracy and precision, and the ability to perform complex functions that other machine shops typically cannot achieve.


Moscow Mills believes in ensuring the best possible component(s) are produced - no matter what! Because of this, we have a team of manufacturing engineers, mechanical engineers and process engineers who review every component that comes into our shop. This review process allows for an integrated collaboration between Moscow Mills and our customer’s engineering departments. In a number of cases this pre-production review has identified potential design flaws, provided design enhancements for more affordable machining anda assisted with the success of the overall project goal. Additionally our engineering teams are often approach with design challenges and asked for assistance in making the design manufacturable.  


Moscow Mills lives and breathes precision. Our internal systems, procedures and individualized approach to every project, allow Moscow Mills to reach some of the tightest tolerances achievable. We regularly meet tolerances of .0002” and have the capability of achieving even better tolerances depending on the material, component and function. Our parts are so precise that we work with industry leaders from Aerospace, Power Generation (including nuclear), Military & Defense and Medical, Technology to push the limits of what is possible. All components are verified by our in-house metrology center, which utilizes state of the art CMM’s, universal length measuring machines and calibrated and NIST traceable instrumentation.


Moscow Mills works with a large number of industries and markets and understands the importance of being flexible. Whether it’s a R&D project or a low rate initial production run (LRIP), Moscow Mills works with our customers to come up with tailored solutions for their projects. We work with almost all metals and alloys including aerospace alloys, stainless steel alloys, precipitation hardening alloys, aluminum alloys, precious metals, thermoplastics and fiber reinforce plastics. With dedicated toolmakers, highly skilled engineers, state-of-the-art equipment, and a devotion to our work, Moscow Mills will ensure your project exceeds its expectations.  


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Moscow Mills began as a job shop with a common-sense, problem-solving twist. Formed initially to maintain the hydro-electric site located on the property, the business rapidly expanded through customer service, quality and on-time delivery of precision parts.

Today, Moscow Mills, Inc. / Vibration Solutions North, is a world-class R&D, engineering and manufacturing firm providing mechanical-engineering services and high-precision component production for the R&D, prototype and short-run markets. The Moscow Mills team uses state-of-the-art, computer-aided design and manufacturing systems to drive its 2-, 3-, 5- and 7-axis equipment, with a focus on complex, high-tolerance, prismatic prototypes and short-run components for the defense, medical, aerospace, semiconductor and general industries. Customers include Pratt & Whitney, Goodrich Aerospace, GRACO and many other companies.

Through Vibration Solutions North a division of Moscow Mills,, the company provides break-through technology and solutions to minimize vibration problems associated with rotating parts. The company’s intellectual property has the potential to dramatically reduce manufacturing time, improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs in industries such as aerospace, automotive and power generation.

World Class Leadership Team

Anderson Leveille

Anderson Leveille

CEO and Chairman of the Board

John Cheffins, Esq, CBE

John Cheffins, Esq, CBE

Board Member

Joe Ostrout

Joe Ostrout

Operations Manager

Andrew Glover

Andrew Glover

Director of Marketing & Sales